Celestial Winter Collection
Inspired by the solar system this winter collection offers everyday hats and quirky headpieces for the races. Combining beautiful felts, tweeds, leather and metals to give you truly unique hats and headpieces.
Don’t see what you want? Then get in touch and we’ll create the perfect hat or headpiece for you.

  • Aurora

    A double brimmed headpiece with a short crown. Brims are covered with a mustard Harris Tweed and edged with a beautiful burgundy trim. These surround a burgundy oval crown which perches on the side of the head. Around the crown are layers of mustard French partridge feathers to accent the crown colour. Lady Amherst and ring-necked pheasant feathers curl from the crown giving height and movement as well as on the underside of the top brim which is also adorned with a vintage pearl brooch. This headpiece is fitted with double ribbon wrapped bands (it is a heavy piece)
  • Bellatrix

    This slanted beret perches easily on the side of the head. It is covered with vintage fur fabric (taken from a coat) so is truly unique. A small camel coloured bow holds a plume of curled lady Amherst pheasant tail feathers in place giving height to the piece. This headpiece is fitted with a clear elastic.
  • Cordelia

    A small blue leather covered button trimmed with gold metal coils and a pom pom. Perfect for a winter wedding or day at the races. This is quite a heavy piece due to the metal coils so is fitted with a ribbon wrapped band.
  • Larissa

    A quirky shaped headpiece using plush leopard print velvet. With a scallop pattern at the front this piece twists into a rigid structure. It is adorned with rose gold leather roses and cut black guipure lace motifs. This headpiece has a single ribbon wrapped band.
  • Seren

    A classic beret shape created in Wine coloured wool felt creating a structured base. The beret is adorned with guinea fowl feathers and a vintage gold metal rose. This hat has an elastic fitting.
  • Portia

    A classic trilby shape in red wool felt with red velvet trim adorned with small lady Amherst feather tips and velvet bow. This hat is fully lined and is measured at 23 ½ inch head size.
  • Bianca

    This hat is fully lined and is measured at 23 ½ inch head size.]]>
  • Elara

    A classic trilby in platinum grey wool felt with a camel trim adorned with a vintage tan leather buckle. This hat is fully lined and is measured at 23 ½ inch head size.
  • Lyra

    A classic trilby in Magenta wool felt with a black velvet devore trim. This hat is fully lined and is measured at 23 ½ inch head size.
  • Fay

    A small percher created from loops of ivory, red, camel and black wool felt adorned with a selection of pheasant feathers and finished with a vintage brooch and chocolate veiling. This headpiece is fitted with an elastic.
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