• A bespoke Irish tweed hat featuring a violet slant crown and tartan mix brim adorned with a brushed metal buckle and tweed bow with added height from two curly pheasant feathers.
  • Hand dyed bubble crin base creating a large tilt brim shape trimmed with a fan of peacock and pheasant feathers. Definitely a headpiece to stand out from the crowd
  • Lily

    This dramatic headpiece will certainly draw attention! The upturned cap is created in white satin finished with organza roses and white seed beads, at the back a plume of white coq feathers and stripped crin give some dramatic height. Fitted with a brown slim elastic which allows it to be worn either side or at the front of the head.
  • Mandarin

    An oversized statement tilt brim hat with upturned front and back brim lavishly covered with black sequin fabric and trimmed with a hand stitched black duchess satin edging. On the top of the brim is a large duchess satin bow accented with several ostrich and pheasant feathers. The underside of the brim is highlighted with a large handmade rose in newspaper fabric, keeping the trims very simple but bold. It is mounted onto a wide band with a comb fitted for extra support. This piece is quite heavy due to its size.
  • Rosewood

    Large angular beret covered with old gold sequin fabric for a truly sumptuous feel, adorned with crinkle crin ivory bows to give height and a stylised bow in the same sequin fabric. Perfect for a day at the races as it can be worn with any colour and accessorised with old gold jewellery. Created to perch at the front of your head with an elastic fitting.
  • Ritz

    Upturned tilt brim covered with a beautiful gold rose brocade fabric and trimmed with Black petersham ribbon. This headpiece is created to look as if it’s just resting on the side of your head. On the top of the brim are stems of black roses created with crin fabric to accentuate the rose pattern in the fabric. On the underside, a flourish of bubble crin bows with large black iridescent coq feathers finish off this statement piece. A wide band finished with the gold brocade fabric and comb fittings keep it secure on your head. Due to the shape of this piece it may need to be secured with further pins if it’s being worn in windy weather.
  • Acid Drop

    An elegant tilt hat created from layers of ivory tulle net stitched to create a series of folds and pleats. Lime green orchids adorn one side of the hat, nestled in the tulle net pleats. The hat is finished with a burgundy velvet ribbon binding and matching plume of feathers at the back of the hat to give height and interest from the back. Fitted with a brown ribbon wrapped band.
  • A red and white plaited straw disk stitched into a sculptural shape to give height and drama, these shapes are completely unique. The headpiece is adorned with a handmade red silk rose, a black guipure lace trim and a single black quill. Perfect for a day at the races or a summer wedding. Fitted with a brown ribbon wrapped band.
  • A navy straw disk stitched to fit over the top of the head giving a brim like shape. A single pink and cream lily adorns the front with curled peacock swords giving height and drama. A simple navy crin bow gives detail on the back. Perfect for a summer wedding. Fitted with a brown ribbon wrapped band.
  • Mint Humbug

    A black and white straw disc, stitched to create height from the head in a sculptural form. Nestled in the centre is a white silk organza rose and to the side; a black silk rose. Around the edge of the brim a black guipurelace ribbon adds further detail. Three black corkscrew quills finish off the headpiece. Fitted with an ash blonde ribbon wrapped band
  • Jelly Bean

    A large tilt headpiece covered with a red ombre silk fabric, the fabric is a ruffle texture with free flowing pleats and folds. A handmade rose adorns the top of the tilt, created from the same base fabric. The binding on the edge of the brim is a black velvet ribbon finished with a striking full face open net veil and loops to the side. Perfect for a day at the races. Fitted with a brown ribbon wrapped band.
  • A beret shaped base, draped with dark red silk. A large bouquet of light pink and ivory hydrangeas give height and striking detail to this headpiece. A vintage millinery net veil delicately drapes across the eyes. Fitted with a millinery elastic.
  • Space Dust

    A statement large tilt brim hat, dyed in teal, turquoise and navy colours inspired by the peacock feathers. The brim binding is a beautiful aqua colour velvet ribbon. Trims include plumes of curled peacock swords and navy crin loops. The inside of the crown is finished with a lavish lining to make the hat more comfortable to wear. A definite statement piece for a day at the races. Hat sized at approximately 23 inches.
  • Pear Drop

    A button base draped in light pink silk topped with a selection of silk flowers including poppies and roses. An ivory millinery net covers your eyes to your nose and bleached peacock feathers finish off the headpiece to give height. Fitted with a millinery elastic.
  • Rhea

    A double rough woven straw brim creates a base for this statement tilt headpiece. Each brim is edged with handmade satin bias binding in tangerine and cerise with the centre of the top brim filled with flowers. The mix of roses, peonies and carnations are created using handmade silk flower techniques to give this piece a wonderful variety of colour. The headpiece sits on the right side of the head with a satin covered band and comb to fit snuggly in place. Above the band more flowers adorn the underside of the brim.
  • Phoebe

    A stand out piece for the races. Three ivory tulle net sculpted discs form the base of this piece creating a beautiful sweeping brim across the face and to give a wonderful height. An oval insert covered with metallic copper and emerald green damask fabric gives a focal point to the centre of the piece with peacock eyes and swords radiating around this central point. The headpiece is fitted with two ribbon wrapped bands and a comb to keep it securely in place with large copper crin loops and peacock swords to adorn the underside of the piece. This headpiece sits to the right of the head.
  • Dione

    A sculpted silver sequin teardrop base with a mix of stiffened multi coloured ribbon loops. Two ivory curly quills offer another dimension and height to the piece. Perfect for a day at the races as it will compliment many different styles of outfits and is lightweight to wear. It is fitted with two ribbon wrapped bands for extra comfort.
  • Pandora

    This piece will definitely get you noticed! Four curved tulle disks create the base for this fabulous piece giving a lovely sweep across your face and dramatic height. The tulle is hand dyed with a mix of jewel colours including jade, emerald, aqua and sapphire which is echoed in the feather detail. In the centre of the piece a large black feather flower surrounded with large diamantes is the focal point with zig zag cut coq feathers and peacock feathers radiating around. This is echoed on the underside of the headpiece with more feathers and dyed crin loops giving detail and drama to every angle. Two ribbon wrapped bands and a comb keep this headpiece in place.