• Phoebe

    A stand out piece for the races. Three ivory tulle net sculpted discs form the base of this piece creating a beautiful sweeping brim across the face and to give a wonderful height. An oval insert covered with metallic copper and emerald green damask fabric gives a focal point to the centre of the piece with peacock eyes and swords radiating around this central point. The headpiece is fitted with two ribbon wrapped bands and a comb to keep it securely in place with large copper crin loops and peacock swords to adorn the underside of the piece. This headpiece sits to the right of the head.
  • Dione

    A sculpted silver sequin teardrop base with a mix of stiffened multi coloured ribbon loops. Two ivory curly quills offer another dimension and height to the piece. Perfect for a day at the races as it will compliment many different styles of outfits and is lightweight to wear. It is fitted with two ribbon wrapped bands for extra comfort.
  • Pandora

    This piece will definitely get you noticed! Four curved tulle disks create the base for this fabulous piece giving a lovely sweep across your face and dramatic height. The tulle is hand dyed with a mix of jewel colours including jade, emerald, aqua and sapphire which is echoed in the feather detail. In the centre of the piece a large black feather flower surrounded with large diamantes is the focal point with zig zag cut coq feathers and peacock feathers radiating around. This is echoed on the underside of the headpiece with more feathers and dyed crin loops giving detail and drama to every angle. Two ribbon wrapped bands and a comb keep this headpiece in place.
  • Helene

    An angular beret covered with black sequin fabric, adorned with handmade leather feathers. The clusters of feathers are wired to give a beautiful twisted effect and finished with a small black leather button. This piece is created to sit on the right side of the head just above the eyebrow. A ribbon wrapped band helps to keep this piece in place.
  • Calypso

    A small disc that appears to be floating against your head. The copper and green metallic damask fabric shimmers in the light which makes it perfect for summer days in the sunshine. It is finished with a black velvet binding and a cluster of black iridescent coq feathers. It's fitted with a ribbon wrapped band and can be worn on either side of the head.
  • Daphnis

    A sculpted beret draped with silver sequin fabric and adorned with silk flowers and quills. The flowers are hand made using hand dyed silk and sculpted into a variety of roses with two curved quills give this piece height. It is fitted with an invisible elastic that fits around the back of your hair line.
  • Narvi

    This is a real showstopper! The feather halo is built around a silver sequin curved base complete with detail feather heart, diamantes and silver chain droplets. Silver glitter dipped white feathers and bleached peacock form the halo with a layer of tulle nestled between. Silver sequin twists finish the halo on either side of the head. The headpiece is fitted with two ribbon wrapped bands and a comb to keep this piece in place.
  • Mimas

    Silver bubble crin creates the base for this headpiece, giving a light and delicate feel. Three small powder blue daisies nestle at the front to give added depth and detail. A ribbon wrapped band keeps this headpiece in place.