The Queen Collection
Headpieces and hats inspired by queens from around the world.
This collection centres around combining different textures, trims and shapes to bring you a selection of summer and winter styles, perfect for a day at the races, a wedding or garden party.

  • Anne


    A halo crown created using ruffled gold velvet for the ultimate sumptuous texture. This piece sits high on your head with a black feather spray across the side of the head, finished with a dangling jewel. This piece is mounted onto a wide headband for ease of wearing.

  • Charlotte


    A halo crown covered with beautiful off-white satin and a layer of delicate black lace. This piece sits high on your head for a real statement and is finished with an oversized handmade off-white silk rose with black stamens. This piece is fitted onto a wide headband for easier wearing.

  • Catherine


    A beautiful button base covered with leopard print angora fabric. Statement pheasant feathers give this piece a wonderful height and simple elegance. It is fitted with a clear elastic so can be work with any hair colour and is perfect for a winter wedding or a day at the races.

  • Margarite


    This statement piece features two full pheasant wings, that span across the teardrop base. The base is created using two black lace, wired teardrops which sit at a slant angle on the side of your head. A full veil of grey netting sweeps across the face and around the back of the headpiece. Definitely a piece for the races that will stand out from the crowd. A double ribbon wrapped band holds the headpiece in place.

  • Sophia


    A delicate wired brim with black millinery net. Complete with peacock and goose feathers in vibrant turquoise, emerald green and purple. The centre of the piece is created from ruffled purple velvet and is finished with a diamante jewel. A ribbon wrapped double band holds the headpiece in place.

  • Marie


    Navy bubble crin loops create the base for this headpiece, giving it height and drama. Mustard feather mounts are intertwined with the crin and finished with amber diamantes, making this perfect for the races as its lightweight and can be worn all day. The headpiece is fitted with a double ribbon wrapped band.

  • Victoria


    Cobalt blue twisted straw disc headpiece adorned with an ivory lace trim, handmade ivory silk flower and a twisted cobalt quill. Fitted with a single ribbon wrapped band, making it perfect for a summer wedding or day at the races.

  • Elizabeth


    Metallic silver vintage fabric button adorned with peacock eyes and swords to give this headpiece the illusion of height and is finished with a vintage diamante brooch at the front. This piece is fitted with a clear elastic so it can sit on either side of your head.

  • Matilda


    A stand out headpiece, perfect for a trip to the races. Three camellia’s form the front of this headpiece using differing scales, so they perch on top of the head. They are created using stiffened chiffon and silk in pale pink forming layers of petals with orange and red centres and delicate white stamens. Wired grass green fabric stems complete with fabric leaves intertwine between the flowers. At the back, more flowers perch to complete this piece.

    It is fitted with a wide band and comb to keep the headpiece in place.

  • Sonja


    Red bubble crin loops form this striking headpiece that nestles perfectly over the head. The inner part of the piece has a cluster of red, spiky biot feathers to add contrast. This is a lightweight piece fitted with a ribbon wrapped band. This headpiece is perfect for travelling and can be packed into a suitcase.

  • Silvia


    A black sinamay disk with raised crown perches perfectly on the side of the head, giving the perfect chic silhouette. It is adorned with white feather mounts and a vintage diamante brooch, perfect for a wedding or day at the races. It is fitted with a clear elastic.

  • Letizia


    A collaboration with Emma Jackson from Silversoles. A disc percher covered with handmade and hand painted fabric by Silversoles using aqua and cobalt blue tones to accentuate the patterns created within the fabrics. It is trimmed with black velvet ribbon and a statement black ostrich feather. It is fitted with a ribbon wrapped band.