• Lily

    This dramatic headpiece will certainly draw attention! The upturned cap is created in white satin finished with organza roses and white seed beads, at the back a plume of white coq feathers and stripped crin give some dramatic height. Fitted with a brown slim elastic which allows it to be worn either side or at the front of the head.
  • Acid Drop

    An elegant tilt hat created from layers of ivory tulle net stitched to create a series of folds and pleats. Lime green orchids adorn one side of the hat, nestled in the tulle net pleats. The hat is finished with a burgundy velvet ribbon binding and matching plume of feathers at the back of the hat to give height and interest from the back. Fitted with a brown ribbon wrapped band.
  • A red and white plaited straw disk stitched into a sculptural shape to give height and drama, these shapes are completely unique. The headpiece is adorned with a handmade red silk rose, a black guipure lace trim and a single black quill. Perfect for a day at the races or a summer wedding. Fitted with a brown ribbon wrapped band.
  • Hand dyed peach and yellow bubble crin loops and discs, stitched to create the illusion of a brim fitting close around the head. A series of rough cut edges make this headpiece beautifully voluminous. Two silk roses with peach, yellow and pink tones adorn the side with two corkscrew ivory quills. Fitted with a brown ribbon wrapped band
  • A navy straw disk stitched to fit over the top of the head giving a brim like shape. A single pink and cream lily adorns the front with curled peacock swords giving height and drama. A simple navy crin bow gives detail on the back. Perfect for a summer wedding. Fitted with a brown ribbon wrapped band.
  • Mint Humbug

    A black and white straw disc, stitched to create height from the head in a sculptural form. Nestled in the centre is a white silk organza rose and to the side; a black silk rose. Around the edge of the brim a black guipurelace ribbon adds further detail. Three black corkscrew quills finish off the headpiece. Fitted with an ash blonde ribbon wrapped band